Websites banned in russia

websites banned in russia

Russian regulator Roskomnadzor has removed Google Russia from a list of prohibited information resources in the country. The decree requires internet providers to block access to the sites for three years. Poroshenko's decree also blocked the site of the Russian. Internet censorship in the Russian Federation is enforced on the basis of several laws, . Instances of censorship[edit]. A number of websites maintain lists of websites currently blocked in Russia, based on different sources of information. ‎ Status · ‎ Agencies · ‎ History · ‎ Monitoring. websites banned in russia


10 Common Things Banned In Russia If somebody is too lazy to make just a few clicks to read and become aware of various issues and points of view, maybe he deserves to be fed bland, one-sided government propaganda. Retrieved essen trinken gewinnen July The Russians were apparently hoping to learn Chinese techniques for controlling the web. English-language sources for the most part simply refer to it as the country's Internet blacklist. About Where to watch Authors.

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FOLLOW SLATE Twitter Facebook Instagram. Ru, 7 December in Russian. While Roskomnadzor may claim that WeChat was blocked over its failure to register contact details, it seems more likely that the Chinese app was actually blocked instead over a different violation of the regulator's code which requires that all foreign internet companies store Russian user data on servers inside of Russia China also imposes this same rule. There are several agencies in Russia that regulate the internet according to Advox, a global anti-censorship network. Russians who wish to circumvent government censorship can continue to read these websites via the Tor Browser. The Ukrainian President signed a National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine decree authorizing the ban on April 28th Views Read Edit View history.

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